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COMPANY is Weston High School’s student run theater organization. Since its founding, COMPANY has grown into the school’s largest club. Traditionally, COMPANY presents four productions per year: a Dramatic Play, a Musical, One Acts (a night of student directed One Act plays) and Dialogue (a night of student written and directed works).

COMPANY membership is open to all interested students. There are no membership dues. We are always looking for new members who act, sing, or dance, have technical expertise in sound or lighting or are simply eager to learn, want to learn how to direct, love to write, sew, or paint—the list goes on. No matter what your talents or interests, COMPANY has a spot for you! This inclusive approach fosters a warm and friendly environment where everyone is challenged to grow and take risks.

COMPANY practices the ensemble approach to theater. All of our members, no matter what their focus, are expected to participate in a variety of activities. For example, actors help paint the set; sound crew solicits ads for the program; dancers sell tickets. As a result of this inclusive approach, members gain both an understanding and an appreciation of all the different facets of theater.

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